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The Love Witch Collection

The Love Witch Pre-order List

Start date : July 24th through August 5th! (This may close sooner or items may sell out before the 5th)

This will be a very large list with a long turn around time. Estimated to ship around late August through September. For now it will be separated by scent category. I will be using the Patreon funds to invest in some new spooky shapes for this! If you'd like to join to help with this the link is here :

Sizes : Pair of Skulls 1.3 oz ($2.15) Roses 1.3 oz ($2.15) Connected Hearts 6 oz ($9.90)

Lets start with some spooky bakery treats: ~ Lavender Creme Brulee ~ lavender vanilla and creme brulee ~ Cranberry Kettle Corn ~ Peanut Apple Whoopie Pies ~ peanut butter cookies, cream cheese frosting, apples, oats, whipped cream and graham crackers ~ Strawberry Cider ~ strawberry pound cake and spiced cider ~ Pecan Pie ~ cream, caramelized sugar, pie crust and crushed pecans ~ Turkish Mocha ~ spicy chocolate coffee, creamy maple butter, nutmeg, fresh orange, coconut, cocoa and sugary vanilla base ~ Strawberry Chamomile Cake ~ Purple Berry Pie ~ blueberries, blackberries and pie crust ~ Cherry Walnut Maple Fudge ~ Walnut Maple Fudge ~ Salted Caramel Coffee ~ Coffee Creme Brulee ~ Blue Velvet Cake ~ blueberry ice cream, cheesecake, velvet sugar and pistachio dream cake

Romantic / Dark Blends : ~ Clair de Lune ~ coconut milk and a touch of gardenia ~ Vespertine ~ black cherry merlot, black sugar and rose milk ~ Addicted to Love ~ spiced mahogany and cashmere plum ~ Love Me ~ himalayan sea salt, pink sugar plum and rose gold ~ Love Potion ~ spicy plum tea, red currant and cream ~ Renaissance Wedding ~ lemon creme, cabernet and neroli ~ Witch Bottle ~ apricot sugar, magic sangria and green fig ~ Lychee Red Tea ~ Huntress ~ blackberry sage, tobacco vanille, tahiti island dreams and barn wood ~ Venom and Honey ~ honey, bergamot black tea and beachwood vetiver ~ Man Eater ~ moonlight pomegranate and blackberry sugared violets ~ In the Dark ~ london fog, moon shadow, botanical orchard and nectar ~ Mushroom Forest ~ lemon custard, oud, cashmere woods and tonka ~ Wasteland ~ palo santo, grapefruit and poison apples ~ Wicked ~ palo santo, marshmallow fireside, apples, pecans and sage ~ The Day He Left Me is the Day I Died ~ palo santo, lemon creme and cashmere cream ~ Dark Fruit ~ plum, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry ~ Magic Sangria ~ black grapes, orange, black plum, berries, apple and pineapple drenched in chilled red wine ~ Bergamot Black Tea ~ Sugared Ale ~ raspberry ale and sugar ~ Forest Ale ~ black teakwood, black opium and raspberry ale

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