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Subscription Box Surprise!

Okay so if you have been around for a little while you may know that we have been running a monthly subscription box! You may have even been along for the whole journey so far and opened a new set of melts each month. I am so excited and proud to say that this July we will be releasing our 12th box! Making it a full year! We freaking made it!!

Lets take a quick look back at this adventure we created together! And if you're just here for the surprise, feel free to scroll to the very bottom ;)

The very first box set! A mix of all my top sellers! I may have to revamp this theme because the favorites have definitely changed since! Oh how I wish I had taken a photo of these outside of the boxes but I do have this little video.

Cotton Candy anyone?

Laundry blends in cupcake melt form! One of my favorite box sets yet!

I'm missing a photo of our fall box! Which was a farm fruity fresh set! But here's a picture of my expert brand representative with our sub box shipment! <3

It was beachy Christmas at The Starlit Corner this year!

I for sure missed a set lol! But these were a set that was SO much fun to put together!

Obsessed with the sugar blends! These and many more sugar blends will be making a comeback soon!

Anyone remember this?

Now watch as our photos become more and more beautiful thanks to our photographer Tara Chilan Photography!

I mean....I'm amazed at how she captured these! This box was a hit!

And an absolute favorite by far was the Wind Down for the Night sets. featuring all sorts of cozy night time scents.

I am so incredibly grateful for your support in making this happen! Without you these boxes would be pretty plain and boring! But because your support I would like to make this one year sub box worth while! So I have decided to add a special giveaway prize! One of our monthly subscribers will receive a note that is good for 3 months of subscription boxes for FREE! If you open your July box and find this note please message me and let me know!

The box possibilities are endless! And I am so grateful that we have been able to make the dream come to life! Here's to many more wax adventures to come!

Love, Ashley

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A farm box set?? Hell I feel bad for missing that one. It sounds like something I'd love!! And that giveaway sounds awesome! Fingers crossed I get it lol 😍😍😂

Replying to

Not too bad at all!! Could you send me the list actually? I may or may not request the hell outta them if they sound amazing 😂

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