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Scent of the Week

Introducing a new thing called "Scent of the Week"

These will be posted at 6pm EST!

Let's Stay In - lavender, vanilla, pumpkin seeds, oud wood, cashmere, cedar, oatmeal, milk and honey

This was a very popular and sought after scent from one of our subscription boxes. Each week we will have a new scent available ready to go to a new home!

I wanted to reintroduce crystal melts and this Crystal Cauldron was the perfect start! She features a solid cauldron base, some whipped wax fluff with an amethyst crystal tower placed on top. Truly one of a kind and waiting for a new home! Made with a lot of love and intention.

We also have these pretty mini loaves with the bee melts inside!

I hope you like this new Scent of the Week! Any ideas on what scent we should do next week?

Love, Ashley at The Starlit Corner!

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