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Pumpkin Platter

There are now Pumpkin Samplers and much more listed in the shop!

Pumpkin Samplers : $17 plus shipping Comes with 6 blends in the pumpkin head shape!

Pumpkin Cashmere Cream ~ pumpkin spice, cashmere cedar and liquid black cashmere Creepy Crawlies ~ vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, fresh apples and cinnamon sugar Killer Cookies ~ pumpkin pecan waffles, almond marzipan and sugar cookie royale Pumpkin Cake and Lemon Glaze Pumpkin Princess ~ green pumpkin vines, himalayan salt and egyptian cotton Hey There Pumpkin ~ autumn woods, cranberry woods, egyptian amber, pumpkin seeds and oud

The perfect way to start off Spooky Season!

We hope that you will join us for the many plans we have for Fall this year!

Stay spooky!!

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