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Mini Melties

Mini Melties


Mini Melties : $1.80 (1-2oz)

Christmas Wishes Bear ~ black linen, amber, cashmere woods, tonka beans and light blueberry sugar

Lemon Blueberry Overnight Oats ~ lemon, marshmallow, blueberry cheesecake, icecream and golden oats

Raspberry Cupcake and Vanilla Valentine

Balsam, Berry Vanilla and Sandalwood

Caramel Cake ~ birthday cake, funnel cake and caramel

Marshmallow Cocoa Caramel Coffee

Crystal Candies ~ green apple jolly rancher, citrine crystal and quartz

Sweet as Ever ~ summer scoop and sweet musk

Aquarius Baby ~ brown sugar, frosted sugar cookies, birthday cake and marshmallow

One of a Kind ~ mediterranean fig, orchids, sugarcane and blue grotto

Soft Girl Era ~ cashmere cream, marshmallow clouds and vanilla fig

Merry & Bright ~ sweater weather, mistletoe, ivy, bright blueberry and orchid

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