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What's Left List!

A What's Left List!

This is everything that is listed on our website right now! There is so much left in stock and we are quickly running out of of space on the studio shelves lately

Sweet Cakes 3.5 oz ($5.75) Saturday Morning at the Gas Station ~ cinnamon toasties, hot buttered rum and toasted marshmallow (CB) Lemon Strawberry Shortcake (1 left!) Laundry List ~ summer linen, pink sugar and lemon verbena+Swan Lake ~ lemon curd, strawberry shortcake, cream soda and pink chiffon Song Bird ~ pink peony, irish linen, orange sherbet, pomegranate and birds of paradise

Mini Chunky Dunks : 3.5-3.8 oz ($6.10) Fire Up the Grill ~ garden herbs, birch, black pepper and charcoal tonka Fireworks ~ in the stars type and stainless steal Girafficorn ~ orange sherbet, orange juice, vanilla champagne, salt water taffy, brown sugar and fig type Mermaid Treasure ~ gold sugar, tropical fruits and cucumber melon Mulan ~ pomegranate, pink sugar, raspberries and warm vanilla sugar

Mini Loaves 6.5 - 10 oz ($11.55) Baywatch ~ Tropical fruits, coconut, sea air, woods, vanilla, amber, suntan lotion and sea grass Let’s Stay In ~ lavender, vanilla, pumpkin seeds, oud wood, cashmere, cedar, oatmeal, milk and honey

Druzy Hearts: 4.5 oz ($7.42) Cinnamon Toasties Icecream ~ cinnamon toasties, birthday cake, buttercream and icecream (1 left!) Finger Sandwiches ~ zucchini bread, pumpkin shuffle, graham crackers and vanilla bean noel Pumpkin Swirl ~ vanilla hazelnut, zucchini bread, pumpkin, brown sugar and marshmallow fireside

Cupcakes : 3.8 -4 oz ($6.60) Boozy Sherbet ~ prosecco blush, rainbow sherbet, sweet tarts and berry soda

Cake Slices : 7.6 oz ($12.54) Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake ~ raspberry cupcake, lemon curd, wild berry cheesecake and marshmallow

​ Unicorn​ ​Cups​ 7 oz ​($11.55)​ ​ Lavender Infused Cocoa ~ hot chocolate, marshmallow, strawberry poundcake and lavender

Sugar Shakes 9 oz ($14.85) Apple Fluff Salad~ mac apple, caramel and marshmallow

Simple Mini Loaves : 5oz ($8.25) Brunch With Barbie ~ pink sugar, margarita, strawberry shortcake and lemon custard (Donation Melt) Clean Kitchen ~ stainless steal and orange blossom tonic Lava Lamp ~ cherry, volcano and fizzy pop Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! ~ barley grass, hinoki wood, mulled cider and fresh mown hay (1 left!) Purple Pumpkin ~ lavender, green pumpkin vines and Persil Adventure Awaits - red maple, oud wood, chestnuts and patchouli Cashmere Clouds Haunt Me ~ pumpkin apple butter, autumn leaves, white birch and vanilla Pick Your Poison ~ barn wood, warm vanilla sugar, vanilla bourbon and golden sands Dark Woods ~ clove, cedar, apples, vanilla sandalwood and black lace Acceptance ~ cranberry, mint, green tea and willow Over the River ~ river stones, rain water, black teakwood and secret wonderland type Someone Will Lose His Head ~ poison apples, birch, green ivy, black pepper, toasted marshmallows and black opium Pumpkin Swirl ~ vanilla hazelnut, zucchini bread, pumpkin, brown sugar and marshmallow fireside ( 1 left! ) Barn Owl ~ barn wood, sugar, dirt and sweet grass Cherry Poke Cake ~ strawberry pound cake, cherry syrup, birthday cake, marshmallow and rice crispy treats Funfetti Cookies ~ danish butter cookies, sugar cookies, birthday cake and pralines Poison Was the Cure ~ mahogany, apple, cedar wood, warm vanilla sugar, amber and cashmere Blue Ivy~ blue raspberry slushie, ivy and balsam fir Bread and Butter ~ zucchini bread, danish butter cookies, double marshmallow Cakes Have Layers~ zucchini bread, hot buttered rum and almond cake Cinnamon Toasties Icecream ~ cinnamon toasties, birthday cake, buttercream and icecream ( 1 left! ) Fresh Picked Pumpkin ~ pumpkin puree, pumpkin vines and olive branch ( 1 left! ) Mountain Hike - velvety vanilla, iced lavender, smoked woods, amber and a touch of leather ( 1 left! ) Straight To My Thighs~ zucchini bread, pink sugar, vanilla bean noel, and sugar cookies Breakfast for Dinner ~ french toast, baked bread, cupcakes at tiffany’s, sugared cronuts, vanilla cardamom and blueberry pumpkin pancakes Birthday Wishes ~ let the eat cake, smoked vanilla and coconut creme (CB) The Cake Fairy ~ vanilla lace, strawberry shortcake, marshmallow fluff, pink sugar (CB) ( 1 left! ) Winter Merman ~ palo santo, orange groves, grapefruit, ocean air and pine ( 1 left! ) Maybe it’s a Christmas gourd? ~ pine, mahogany teakwood, pumpkin seeds and oud wood Cotton Candy Love Spell Type Mixed Berry Marshmallows ~ strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, cotton candy and marshmallow ( 1 left! )

House Melts 6 oz ($9.90) Hope ~ lavender, apples, oak and blackberry sugared violets (Donation Melt)

Unicorn Bark: 2 oz ($3.30) Sugared Violets and Vanilla

Teacups : 5oz ($8.25) Meditation Mist ~ palo santo, vanilla bean noel and marshmallow fireside Glowing Green - lime, cotton candy and salt water taffy

Bear Paws and Bears : 2.8 oz ($4.62) Big Spoon ~ crisp fallen leaves, acorns, pine cones, vanilla, musk, cashmere cream, peppermint and eucalyptus ( 1 left! ) Song Bird ~ pink peony, irish linen, orange sherbet, pomegranate and birds of paradise (1 left! )

Rose Blooms 3oz ($4.95) Endless Summer ~ day at the spa, snow fairy and yuzu This Way to the Beach ~ blood orange, flamingo beach and strawberry soda

Nature Bricks : 3.2 oz ($5.28) Watermelon Lemonade Type

Mini​ ​Drip​ ​Cakes​ 7 oz ​($11.55)​ Rock Candy - cherry, grape, strawberries, watermelon candies, citrus, peppermint and vanilla ( 1 left! )

Connected Hearts 6 oz ($9.90) Cinderella ~ peaches, marshmallow and glowing amber

Bee Melts : 2oz $3.30 Toast at Tiffany's ~ zucchini bread, cupcakes at tiffanys and toasted marshmallow

Large Donuts : 3.3 oz ($5.44) Kittycorn ~strawberry milkshake philosophy type, velvet sugar type and blue raspberry slushie ( 1 left! )

Block Wax Melts 3oz ($4.95) Watermelon Lemonade Type ( 1 left! )

Melt With Me Testers : 1-2 oz $1.65 Cardamom Cedar Blossom

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