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Sweet as can BEE

A lovely photo by Tara Chilan Photography

There's a new box in the shop! And it features eight of these adorable little honey bees. This was a really special little project requested for someone's daughter. I was lucky enough to know some of her favorite blends through chats we've had here and there. And they were so cute that I ended up making a few extras. And would really love to make more sets this in the near future! Here are blends available :

Girl Crush ~ viva la juicy and cotton candy

Goddess from the Sun - nag champa, orange juice and vanilla

Friendship Bracelets ~ vanilla lace, pink sugar, nag champa and strawberry pound cake type

Siren’s Song~ pink sugar, cream soda, lavender and avobath

OMG Chill ~ peppermint, rosemary, mint, eucalyptus and spearmint

Cloudy Beach Day ~ bum bum type and boardwalk marshmallow type

Chocolate Orchid and Salty Sea Air

Swan Lake ~ lemon curd, strawberry shortcake, cream soda and pink chiffon

I'm thinking of doing a dark and moody set next but here is how these bees turned out!

There's only a few left in The Starlit Corner Hive! But I will definitely be sneaking in more surprise sets like this in the near future! Remember to bee kind! Now buzz off JK JK JK

Lots of love, Ashley

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Omg dark and moody? It's almost as if you made a box especially for me! Jk, but seriously I'll take like 2 😍😍


Kathy Shea
Kathy Shea
Apr 29, 2021

These are darling!

Ashley Conner
Ashley Conner
Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! I saw you ordered one and I hope you enjoy them 💐🐝😍

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